15 , ~ And and and , Acchan is , and forever will be , my Oshimen .
Started the loli club (Strictly under 18) ! Married (twice ._.) And my dear otouto , Hanacchan ~
I love おっぱい~

Cool Juju~

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Cool Juju~

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Kissing Monster just loves to kiss everyone xD

Nyannyan gave up on resisting and one day Takamina & Mayuyu will too…

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"To Takamina:
Here’s wishing you takamina a Happy 21st Birthday.
I apologize for not being able to attend the birthday celebration today.
I really wanted to go! Really Really wanted to.
It is certainly not easy for me to come up with something to tell you Takamina.
That is because, for someone like me who is always relying on takamina, words alone can’t express the amount of gratitude and apologies that I have for you
When I was about to announce my graduation, takamina was the only person that I told “I’m going to announce it”.
Thank you for accepting for who I am.
Thank you for always being by my side.
When AKB was going through turbulent times, it was thanks to takamina’s leadership that we managed to pull through.
Takamina will always be the first to take into consideration the feelings of each and every member.
However, I have to apologize for always entrusting that to you.
Just like how takamina is always by my side, I too will always want to stay by your side.
That is because, this is probably the only thing that I can do.
Therefore, please don’t forget that I will always be by your side.
Remember that!
I really hope that takamina will one day achieve your dream.
Because if it’s takamina we’re talking about, then I believe anything is possible.
I am also the kind of person that will not lose out to anyone, just like takamina.
Right now, I can picture it already.
Ah~ I’m full of anticipation!
After announcing my graduation, it will probably be much more difficult in the future for us to meet up and be this way, because of that, I want to make many beautiful memories.
Making many many many many happy memories with everyone.
I’m sure you are aware of this, takamina is the person I like the most.

I love you


Acchan was so clingy to Takamina when they were together… She always looked for her hugs… I really miss this pair… I hope that their friendships lasts forever :)

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we came here to laugh at you  LOL

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and still.. it isn’t only a sadness thing…


After the graduation,

we can see our ex-idol striving hard in their true own way…


In their concerts


Their albums



Their shops


In their own way…

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